Professional, Stipend, Hospitality and Aged Care internship programs to jump-start your career.

We work with partners across Australia to coordinate customized paid and unpaid internship programs for people aged 18-30. Our specialized internship programs include customized planning, resume/CV revision, interview preparation, placement, monitoring and support, networking opportunities, a certificate of completion and a letter of reference from the host company. At Reachout, our goal is to provide you the opportunity to build skills and gain relevant international experience through an internship in Australia. If you are seeking to start your professional career in an international setting, we are prepared to help you achieve the success and development you are looking for.

Internship Options

Hospitality Internship Program

The Hospitality Internship Program is a paid internship program offered to highly skilled candidates that are completing or have completed hospitality studies and have relevant hospitality experience. There are 6, 9 & 12 months options. Positions are available in Food and Beverage, Front Office and Cookery.

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Professional Internship Program

The Professional Internship Program offers candidates an excellent opportunity to gain professional work experience and improve career opportunities in almost all academic fields and a wide range of industries. All placements are non-paid training positions and they are available in all major cities of Australia.

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Stipend Internship

The Stipend Internship Program is offered in the fields of Event Management, Human Resource and Marketing. Interns can earn AUD$ 600 to AUD$ 900, monthly travel and meal allowance. Duration is from 20 to 26 weeks. Placements are available in all major cities of Australia. Academic credit available.

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Aged Care Internship Program

The Aged Care Internship Program offers candidates an opportunity to gain professional work experience and improve career opportunities in Aged Care and Nursing in the Australian Aged Care Industry. All placements are paid training positions and they are available in both cities and regional areas of Australia.

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Free Assessment

Choose the internship program you are interested in and download the Guide for Writing a CV and Guide for Writing a Letter of Objectives. Prepare your CV and Letter of Objectives as per instructions given in the guides. Email your CV and Letter of Objectives to for a free eligibility assessment.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Help You Launch Your Career

    We specialize in providing practical placements and support services to ensure your experience is a personal and professional success. In each of our locations, our on-site coordinators will advise and support you throughout your internship experience.

  • Personalized Placement

    We customize your internship to meet your unique needs and background.

  • Program Support

    From the moment you begin your application process to your pre-placement interview, we are available to help prepare you and offer the best ongoing support possible whenever you need it.

  • Cultural and Professional Blend

    We know that a good deal of achieving professional success in a global career is through strong inter-cultural knowledge and learning. This is why our on-site coordinators will work to share the insights and knowledge necessary to help you in your immersion process.

  • Australia Wide Network

    We offer one of the most diverse and extensive internship placement networks in Australia. Come explore our placements and discover how you may launch your career abroad.

Host Organisations


Come along to free open days, seminars and workshops to discover paid and unpaid internship options in Australia.


“ I have improved my skill, developed new styles, and know where I really want
to be. This internship has made a huge impact in my life. I’ve experienced different
cultures, explorer cities, and tried many new things I’ve never done before. When
I found cooking, I found myself.”

Intern, Food production, Australia

“My internship was a great opportunity! I could put into practice
all the theory learned at college and Australian universities. I applied
in practice my software engieenring knowledge, web development and
online marketing to social networks.”

Intern, Software Engineering, Australia

“ My experience with my host company was great, I joined the company without any
professional history, however I had a great team with me to support my first work
experience barriers. My host company provided me not only the opportunity of working
as an Engineer, but also the experience of installing healing systems, and doing other
types of manual work."

Intern, Mechanical Engineering, Australia

“Australia has some of the best Universities and studies in my field of interest. Moreover
it is a great country to live and develop my English skills. It will definitely be an important
experience related to my studies and career. Furthermore, it also contributed to my personal
growth, as I learned to deal with different people from different places in the world.”

Intern, Environmental Engineering, Australia

“Not only am I learning a lot from my internship, but I am able to experience something
new and wonderful each day. Working in research is extremely complex, yet so rewarding.
Every day I go to work, I am running trails and looking at results of things that no one has
ever seen before. Each day is completely different. Every time I walk out the door, I have a
first time experience, and I cannot express how lucky I feel!”

Intern, Medical Research, Australia

“Thanks to Reachout Global who provided me a very beautiful property for my internship.
I am doing my internship at ICC Sydney, Australia. Here I have improved my culinary skills,
learnt about the different food preparations. developed my team working skills, and know
where I really want to be. This internship has made a huge impact in my life. I’ve experienced
different cultures, explored cities, and tried many new things I’ve never done before.”

Intern, Food Production, Australia

“I am doing my co-op (internship) in Melbourne, Australia for a German multinational
logistics company. As an intern my main tasks involve in helping the forwarding, accounting
and administrative departments. I have had the chance to gain valuable knowledge and
industry experience in global logistics."

Intern, Economics, Australia

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